We are challenging our members at Fitness Canterbury to come together to raise money for Youthline in support of Mental Health. 100% of money raised from entry into the challenge or donations will go to youthline

Why Youthline?

With the challenges placed on our young population – it is vital that they have people to talk too when life seems to be getting on top of them.

“Suicide is a way of leaving a community. If you want to turn that round we’ve got to make sure that we’ve got communities that young people want to be a part of and feel safe and secure,”

Youthline provide an invaluable service for them, being there for them when they need someone caring to talk too and providing programs and a supportive, caring community. Its so important to be able to give back to an organisation like this.

Entry into the ‘1000 Rep Challenge’ is for members and nominated friends and family only.

Cost is $20 per person. This is to be paid through the below link to our ‘Givealittle’ page. In the comments section please use your name and the challenge you will be completing. See below for further details. 

Donations will also be very much appreciated.

The rules of the 1000 challenge are straightforward.

You must complete at least 1000 reps on the day or something that is of equivalent intensity for yourself if it is a distance exercise ie, Row, Run, etc. It has to be something that challenges you – don’t be concerned with what other people are doing!

An example would be if you usually would row 2km – then try 10km. Or if you can do 10km – try 20km.
Some people will also choose to do one exercise for 1000 reps, Noah is doing 1000 burpees.

Or you can do multiple exercises to make up lOOO reps, Scott is doing 200 x Pushups, 200 x Pullups, 200 x Lunges, 200 Medicine Ball Slams, 200 Leg raises.

The challenge day will start at 6am on Sunday the 8th September and run through to 12pm. You can do your challenge anytime within those times.

Who can participate?
All current members plus any family or friends over the age of 15.
Entry cost is $20 with 100% proceeds going towards Youthline. This is to be paid for through our Givealittle before 1st September.
Donations will also be very much appreciated so please share this post to your FB friends.

Please RSVP along with the challenge you will be completing, by 15th August. Please also include the time of the morning that you will be coming in.

Email info@fitnesscanterbury with the Subject ‘1000 Rep Challenge’ or reply in the comments below.

Examples of Challenges but certainly not limited to:

1000 Burpees
1000 Squats
1000 Pushups
1000 Tire Flips
1000 Lunges
1000 Floors on the Stairmaster
5km row (if you currently can work hard to achieve 1km)
10 km row (if 5km is currently an effort)
5 exercises for 200 reps each
10 exercise for 100 reps each


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