Introducing Mindset Monday Video Series.

We know that achieving your fitness goals goes well beyond what you do in the gym – the mind plays a vital role in your success in the gym and life in general. This video series that will empower you with the mental tools and strategies you need to conquer any challenge that comes your way. Starting next week, and every Monday for the next eight weeks, we’ll be sharing exclusive mindset-focused videos that are designed to inspire, motivate. Whether you have a health and fitness goal, want to overcome obstacles, or simply elevate your day-to-day life, “Mindset Monday” has got you covered.

Mindset Monday Summary

A step-by-step guide to successfully achieving your goals. 

Choose your destination: Motivation 

  • A physical goal: Losing weight  
  • A financial goal: Saving for a house 

Fuel Your Excitement: Visualize 

  • Picture feeling confident at the beach this summer 
  • Imagine owning your own property 

Define your reason: Importance 

  • List several reasons as to why this goal is important to you 

Create your plan: Set up 

  • Seek guidance from an experienced mentor  

Set Specific Targets: Achievements  

  • Six-month goal with monthly check-ins  

Daily action plan: Check ins 

  • Develop a daily action plan with regular check-ins 

Overcome obstacles: Challenges 

  • Anticipate challenges and find solutions 
  • Set yourself up for success