1. Write a plan

Plan out your goals for the 4 weeks. Make sure that these goals are specific, and achievable. Write them down and refer to them regularly to make sure you stay on track.

Create a plan for when and what you are training on each day of the week, as well as what your workout sets and reps will look like on each day. That way when you show up you know exactly what you are doing and will spend less time being clueless walking around!

2. Track progressive overload

Similar to the above, by tracking exactly what reps, sets and weights you use, you can create a plan to increase those accordingly on the next workout. Muscles grow by experiencing overload, achieved when you lift more than last time. 

3. Time your rests

Get out your stopwatch and time each rest period between sets! Aim for a rest of 1 minute when working in reps of 10-20, rests of 1min 30 sec for 6-8 reps, and 2 minutes for 1-5 reps. Timing your rests will mean you have enough time to recover between sets, and will ensure you’re not resting for too long. This can also have the bonus of shortening your workout if you find you are in the gym for too long!

4. Change up the tempo

A great way to increase the intensity during your workout is to play around with tempo! This will also create a much greater mind-muscle connection and emphasize the stretch of the muscle, which will greatly increase muscle growth! Try a tempo of 2:1:2, by counting “one, two” on the way down/eccentric, pausing for “one” at the bottom, and counting “one, two” again on the way up/concentric. Make this more challenging again with tempos like 4:1:2 to really feel the burn!