Top 10 Healthy and Holistic Tips

Top 10 Healthy and Holistic Tips

I believe being healthy isn’t only about moving your body and what you eat. It’s about how you feel, think and behave. Every day I try my best to nourish my body and mind so I can be the happiest, healthiest and most productive human I can be! Here are my top 10 healthy and holistic tips! I hope you find them as helpful as I do:

  • Get up and moving when you can – especially if you sit the majority of the day. If you have a fitness tracker try your best to get 10,000 steps per day. Take a walk around the block, park your car further away, take the long way home, etc.
  • Sometimes when you think you’re hungry, you’re just thirsty. Have some water and if you’re still hungry 20 minutes later…get some food in your belly!
  • Don’t look at your phone for at least 30 minutes when you wake up. The first 30 minutes of your day should only be about you! Don’t let other people’s lives through social media or work/personal related emails affect the quality of the start of your day. Take control of the first 30 minutes of your day, and this means NOT going on your phone! Spend time writing out your day, cooking breakfast or going to the gym. If you have a family, set the alarm 30 minutes earlier. Trust me it’s worth it!
  • Find exercises you enjoy and look forward to doing. For example, if you dread running, that’s okay! It’s not the only form of exercise. You can do boxing, biking, weight lifting, Pilates, running, dancing, to name a few!
  • Listen to your body – your body knows best! If you were planning to eat a chicken salad but want pasta…it’s your body’s way of saying it wants carbs. It’s better to have a healthy amount of what you crave otherwise you’ll end up overeating or eating something worse later on.

  • Unfollow people who are negative or make you feel less than worthy (on and offline). Only follow and surround yourself with people who offer positivity and, inspire you to be better!
  • Make the technique your priority in any exercise before you start adding more weight, reps or sets. The technique will help you better your form, results and ensure your safety!
  • Allow time to unwind with no screens at least 20 minutes before going to bed. Choose a time when you’re going to put your work away and start to let your body know it’s time to rest. Use this time to tidy the house, meal prep, drink some tea, listen to a podcast, or read a book
  • If there are too many ingredients, you don’t recognise on the nutritional label. You might want to think twice if it’s something you want to put in your body. Remember to eat to fuel!

  • Be mindful – we are a generation that is always moving, wanting more and thinking “what next?” Being present allows us to be grateful for what we have, decreases stress and anxiety. Mindfulness doesn’t have to be meditation; it comes in all different shapes and sizes. My favourites are walking in the park, colouring in, writing, reading, exercising, stretching, listening to music and podcasts.


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