Our Christchurch Gym

Great people, expert advice, life-changing results!

Without question it’s our people that make our Christchurch gym what it is. From enthusiastic Personal Trainers with highly-regarded qualifications and bundles of hands-on experience to warm, welcoming admin and management staff, it’s the personalities around the gym that foster our engaging culture.

That culture is as much about having fun and feeling comfortable in your environment as it is about achieving results. In the right space, with the right advice, the changes you desire will come, which is why we’ve put so much emphasis on attracting the very best staff and nurturing our very own little community.


What We Believe

At the core of what makes Fitness Canterbury New Beginnings great, is our belief that a healthy lifestyle is within the grasp of everyone.

We believe in the power of exercise to rejuvenate your life. We have worked alongside people determined to shed weight, gain muscle, definition, and those who want to increase their fitness, and we have seen the smiles as their success in the gym has kick started success in their work and personal lives.

We know anyone is capable of success, of achieving their best selves, and here at Fitness Canterbury New Beginnings we believe we have the people and the facility to help you achieve your best you.



Your journey starts with the people you meet first when you walk through the front door. The cliche saying is that we care about everyone that walks through that door – the reality is we actually do!




Over the last 18 years I have had the pleasure of being a personal trainer here at Fitness Canterbury. For me it’s more than just a gym, it’s my extended family. From the admin staff and the trainers, to my clients and members. We all support each other at whatever we are trying to achieve and at whatever level we are trying to achieve it. If you have a goal that you are trying to pursue, this is definitely the place to do it. 

Gabrielle Lilleyman

Gabrielle Lilleyman

Sales Consultant/Reception

I want to help people find their passion for health and to love their bodies. We all have the right to feel confident with who we are physically and mentally. You have the power to thrive in a healthy lifestyle and become your best self. Myself along with Fitness Canterbury want to help you every step of the way.




For the last 10 years I’ve seen many faces come into Fitness Canterbury! For a lot of them this was their first experience in a gym. We don’t take that lightly! A positive and rewarding ongoing experience for each member is vital to us. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing those same people many years later still coming in having achieved so many past goals and on there way to many more!

Sam Gibson

Sam Gibson

Sales Consultant/ Reception

I want to be able to motivate everyone I come across to further better themselves into the person they have always wanted to be. To change their perspective on life and help improve their well-being, both physically and mentally. I believe that we can all accomplish great things, it all starts with finding your greatness within and Fitness Canterbury is the place to go.

andrea duncan

andrea duncan

Consultant/Reception Manager

What I love the most about working at Fitness Canterbury is being a positive part of peoples daily lives. I’ve seen amazing results both mentally and physically in people of all walks of life. I also love that I have gotten to know so many people from the gym and have made great friendships along the way which is a tribute to our very welcoming and friendly environment.

Shammah Gawith

Shammah Gawith

Sales Consultant/ Reception

I believe strongly in setting goals, putting one foot in front of the other and rising every time you fall. Progress comes with small changes, consistency and above all dedication. You will also need some sound knowledge and a supportive team in your corner. That’s where we come in…
Fitness Canterbury provides a fun, supportive, positive and engaging team environment. So that all our members have somewhere they can work to achieve the best version of themselves.




One of the biggest fitness centres in Christchurch. Love their decor and style looks amazing. The vibe of this place is really amazing and motivating. The staff members are amazing and very very helpful and support prices are quite cheap.


 Staff are all very friendly and helpful. Shane has been my personal trainer since I began and has been very motivational!


This is a great gym. Very friendly and helpful. Equipment is always well maintained and up to date.


Solid layout and great equipment that makes the place feel a lot better to others in Chch. Plenty of trainers or nutritionists you can book an appointment with and they’ll happily take on feedback if it’d help make the gym even better. Now that it’s a 24/7 gym there’s no reason not to make FC your regular.


17 JULY 2017

Amazing atmosphere, gym equipment is the best in town. Friendly staff & a variety of members with all different fitness levels so you never feel out of place! I love this gym.
Valerie Davis


Friendly people, good variety of gym equipment, helpful staff and sense of community spirit.


11 JANUARY 2018

Awesome place! Fantastic staff and plenty of variety in regard to the equipment. Protein shakes are the goods too, Peanut Butter Cup!
Samuel Partridge


Great gym , since changing gyms a year ago I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Love that its 24 hours and lots of great equipment and friendly staff!


25 JANUARY 2018

Awesome place! Fantastic staff and plenty of variety in regard to the equipment. 24-hour access. Super friendly staff who are very knowledgeable and helpful in any way they can. Clean and tidy. Plus Victor (staff member) makes an epic protein shake!


Amazing atmosphere, great trainers and equipment. Not just a gym it’s a community.


25 JANUARY 2018

Travelled over for the lions tour. Fantastic gym, staff and equipment.Raw and focused, gyms in the U.K. can learn a lot from this place. Great homemade protein shakes too, Snickers recommended – Visited 19-06-2017.