Christchurch residents have been travelling to Fitness Canterbury for our unique boxing-inspired circuits for years. Boxing is a phenomenal way to burn calories, shed fat, and tone up, and also develops self-confidence.

Boxing is one of the most effective ways to burn fat while having fun. Our boxing classes aim in improve your endurance, strength and tone up as well as learn some self-defence along the way. Our boxing class is for everyone regardless of your shape, size or fitness level and gives you the chance to exercise at your preferred skill level.

Burn up to 500 calories in a single one hour class

Dramatically improve cardiovascular fitness

Build your confidence

Develop coordination, balance, speed and power.

Now is your chance to step into the ring (so to speak) and push yourself to your limit.  Join me for a fun but challenging class that will help you achieve the health and fitness results you crave.

My name is Noah Lopez. I’ve built on my personal success as a boxer including representing NZ at the Commonwealth Games, and a lifetime passion for fitness, to join the Fitness Canterbury team as a boxing coach and personal trainer. My group boxing classes are built on pushing everyone to their personal limit, and the grimaces on everyone’s faces are testament to this! Mixed in with this are plenty of smiles, however, and people keep coming back, many taking the opportunity for personal one-on-one sessions to really test themselves.

$5 for members on Bronze or Silver Memberships.

Free for Gold Members.

$10 for Non- members/Casual 





What I continually get from this class is so much more. Under the tutelage and mentorship of former NZ champion Noah Lopez I have been able to learn and hone a solid foundation of boxing skills as well as fundamental life skills like resilience, determination and heart in a hard working, team environment…. click for more.


I’ve been going to Noah’s boxing class regularly for over 3 years and always love his class! Such a great high intensity challenge, fantastic way to keep fit!!! Great camaraderie too!!!


I thought I was fit until I was talked into trying Noah’s boxing class one day. More challenging than expected and more fun too. A great way to get fit, lose weight or to get into boxing.


I felt the positive and fun energy the moment I first walked into class 3 years ago. I was extremely nervous, but after meeting Noah and all the regulars (which I am now one of), it was like I was always a part of Team Lopez. I enjoy the intensity of the workouts and the fellowship of the people. Boxing pushes me through those mental barriers, and makes me want to keep grinding to be the best version of myself. I am forever grateful for my boxing family.


“I’ve been going to Noah’s group boxing class for, actually I don’t really recall how long now, but a few years. It’s probably the best cross training class I’ve ever been to – a great mix of boxing and general fitness – people go because it’s part of their serious boxing training, people go because they like the intense workout, and mostly everyone goes because it’s fun – Noah makes it that way!! And no one ever feels bad or inadequate, Noah always makes every single person welcome, no matter what their fitness level or boxing skill level is, he makes sure they have a partner for the class, even he partners you himself and makes people what to come back. I truly couldn’t recommend the class or the trainer more highly!!!!”


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