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Spin Class 45min
Spin Class 45min
Boxing Class 60min
Spin Class 45min
Boxing - Beginners
Boxing Class 60min

Classes For All Fitness Levels

Our fitness classes are high in energy, a great way to stay inspired, with members feeding off each other and pushing themselves well beyond what they believed they were capable of. We offer a range of gym classes to suit all fitness levels.

Spin Class

Spin Classes are high-energy, low impact sessions that are guaranteed to have you breaking a sweat and burning calories! Up-beat and plenty of fun our spin classes are some of the most popular sessions we hold each week.

Our spin classes focus on strength, endurance intervals, high intensity and recovery. Each class last approximately 45-50 minutes. We highly recommend Spin classes to people of all ages and fitness abilities. You control your own intensity and effort, but the energy that comes from everyone around is very motivating and will push you to go just that little bit harder.

The 8 Benefits Of Spin

Reason 1: Your Heart

A spinning class provides aerobic benefits. The instructor will often ask you to break out of your steady pace and increase your heart rate, which in turn increase your cardiovascular health and strengthens your heart.

Reason 2: Calories

One 50 minute spin class will burn as much as 700 calories

Reason 3: Control Your Workout

A spin class allows you to progress at you own pace without looking out of place. In a spin class you can add more resistance to increase your workout or lower the resistance to allow you to keep up with the class.

Reason 4: Escape

We have kept the room dark on purpose. Feel the energy of everybody around you without feeling self conscious, hear the instructor and escape into your own spin world.

Reason 5: Low Impact Exercise

Spinning keeps the impact off your knees, ankles and feet, giving heavier people or those recovering from injury a chance to gather the benefits of an intense workout without any stress on their joints.

Reason 6: Abdominal Workout

A good spin instructor will be constantly reminding you to stay in good form. The constant motion and side to side action of your abdominals will tone them up without a seperate exercise. Since a big spin class benefit is overall fat loss eventually the newly toned abs will be visible.

Reason 7: Group Dynamic

Working out in a group keeps you accountable in a subtle way. When you want to give up you can look over and see someone who is really pushing themselves or spot someone who is struggling. Both scenarios will keep you working towards your goal either by seeing an inspiration or choosing to be someone’s inspiration.

Reason 8: Build Mental Stamina

Because of the tough workout and set times, another spin class benefit is the development of the ‘can do’ attitude. Knowing you can accomplish something that is difficult and sticking with the spin class schedule can encourage you to tackle other life challenges and projects with more confidence and passion.

Boxing CLass

Christchurch residents have been travelling to Fitness Canterbury for our unique boxing-inspired circuits for years. Boxing is a phenomenal way to burn calories, shed fat, and tone up, and also develops self-confidence.

Boxing is one of the most effective ways to burn fat while having fun. Our boxing classes aim in improve your endurance, strength and tone up as well as learn some self defense along the way. Our boxing class is for everyone regardless of your shape, size or fitness level and gives you the chance to exercise at your preferred skill level.

  • Burn up to 500 calories in a single one hour class
  • Dramatically improve cardiovascular fitness
  • Build your confidence
  • Develop coordination, balance, speed and power.

Please note

You can only book a class online if you are either a Gold Member or have a current Concession Card.

Your First Class is on Us

We know that you have a lot of fitness classes and gyms to choose from in Christchuch. Because we are confident that you will love our classes – we would like to offer you one on us. Simply send us a message of the class you would like to try and we’ll reply back with available times.


“I have been attending spin classes pretty much since its introduction to the gym timetable many years ago. I find these classes a fun, friendly and explosive way of getting an intense workout in a short 45 minute period. I’ve found them a great addition to my weekly workout program and the classes have definitely improved my general fitness level in conjunction with my other workouts.”

Adrian Bayliss

“I’ve been doing spin with Karri since her first day as an instructor and long before that as a class member. She’s awesome!!! Reliable, responsive to the needs of the class, pushes everyone to their personal limit and varies the track list so it never gets boring. Karri’s classes are a complete cardio workout that everyone who wants to improve their fitness should do on a regular basis. I go 2 to 4 times a week, couldn’t recommend more highly.”

Mark Williamson

“”You can put as little or much effort as you like into a class. It’s a fantastic challenging all over body work out. My fitness, core strength and stamina have increased two fold. FCs instructors are welcoming, ensure you can operate your bike properly and know the class style, encouraging, motivating with great music and dim lights and ensuring you have your bits in the right place. Recommend these classes and to top it off the other “spinners” make you feel part of the team.”

Julie Hamilton

Fitness Class

Questions and Answers

How long are the spin classes?

Each spin class runs for 45 minutes.

this is my first spin class. what should I do?

We highly recommend coming in 10 minutes prior to the class. We will introduce you to our spin instructor Karri, who will show you how to set up your spin bike. Because we are all shapes, heights and sizes, it is important that the spin bike is set up specifically for you. Our instructor will show you exactly how to set up the bike so that it is comfortable for you.

I know I'm not very fit. Can I keep up in the spin class?

No worries at all. Our spin classes are for all fitness levels. You can always go at your own pace. The instructor is there to motivate you – but will not force you to go beyond what you feel is comfortable. The lights are low so won’t feel like you have everyones eyes on you. You’ll just feel the energy from everyone in the class. Yes you will be riding with some very fit individuals, but use that for motivation and inspiration.

Are spin classes good for fat loss?

As long as you are also following a healthy food plan, spin classes are a great way to burn calories and burn fat. Depending on the duration of the class, and the effort you put in you can burn 400 to 600 calories per class. 

What do I need to bring to a spin class.

It can get pretty hot in there, so comfortable cool clothes. You’ll definitely sweat, so always bring a towel, and a drink bottle to stay hydrated.

If you plan to attend regular classes we would certainly recommend a comfortable pair of cycle sorts. All our bikes are equiped for clip on cycle shoes as an option.

How long are the boxing classes?

Classes will run for 60 minutes. The beginners class on Saturday morning runs for 30 minutes.

Do I need to have boxing experience to do a class?

No you do not need boxing experience to take a class. The classes are designed for all fitness levels and are primarily for fitness, strength and muscle toning. 

You are more than welcome to try our beginners class on a Saturday morning. This class will go over basic punches and combinations used for the main class.

Are the boxing classes, self defence classes?

No. Although you will learn and use boxing combinations they are designed as a fitness class.

What should I bring to the class?

Bring comfortable clothes that you can move freely in, that are also cooling as you will sweat. Definitely bring a towel, and a water bottle to stay hydrated.

We do have boxing gloves that you are welcome to use, however if you find that you will be attending regularly, you may wish to bring your own.

Is there sparring or contact in the classes?

No. There is no sparring during the class. 

In most classes you will be paired up with another member for focus pad combinations.


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