Top 10 Healthy and Holistic Tips

Top 10 Healthy and Holistic Tips I believe being healthy isn't only about moving your body and what you eat. It's about how you feel, think and behave. Every day I try my best to nourish my body and mind so I can be the happiest, healthiest and most productive human I...

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Mindful Diaries: Story One

Mindful Diaries   Hello! Welcome to my new blog post series called “Mindful Diaries” a place for people to share their stories and experiences surrounding mental health and well-being. I too have had troubles with anxiety and depression, but my story is not the...

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A Mental Awakening

A Mental Awakening I had a breakthrough, a revelation. I get these rarely but when they do occur I take it as a sign, like an awakening. I was listening to a podcast, a conversation between Oprah and a research professor called Brené Brown. Her...

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