Life can be hard sometimes. It’s what we do in these moments that can make us grow and become more than we once were. To step up to the challenges that are put in front of us is what personal growth is all about. How we react to these challenges that life can bring us will determine the quality of the life we live.

We all have a story and we all have the potential to be an inspiration no only to others but ourselves too. So step up, one step at a time, believe in yourself and what is possible for you.

It’s never a straight line to success so enjoy the ups and learn from the downs and remember who you become in the process is always more important than where you end up.

Meet Mike.
He was born with one hand. Mike has never looked at this as being a barrier to achieving what he wanted to achieve! However like all of us, life can sometimes get in the way. Mike tells how Fitness Canterbury helped him get his mojo back!

Meet Bex

She has lost over 30kg and six dress sizes. Her advice “Moderation is key” and learn to love your body along the way.

Meet Ramon

At 85 years of age, Ramon is Fitness Canterbury’s oldest member. He is a true inspiration. He’s living proof of what can be achieved if you look after your body. It’s never too late to start.

Meet Leah

This is her story. It’s a story that many women share. The message that Leah wants to share through this video is that early detection is your best protection against breast cancer. Leah, your Mum would be so proud of the strong woman you have become.

Meet Mike

He has lost 60kg. Starting at around 150kg, he had a goal of becoming a Police Officer. He’s now well on his way to achieving that goal.
You’re a machine Mike.