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At Fitness Canterbury we pride ourselves on the calibre of the personal trainers who operate from our Christchurch gym.

TrueForm Pilates & Physio

Justine and Vanessa are physiotherapists with 25 years of combined experience between them. They are passionate about delivering a high standard of care for their patients.


We all have a story and we all have the potential to be an inspiration not only to others but ourselves too. So step up, one step at a time, believe in yourself and what is possible for you.

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At our Christchurch gym we have 4 memberships catering for all fitness levels, abilities and training experience. They are ideal for those who are self motivated or have a pre-determined goal in mind. Whether it is to tone up, drop a few clothing sizes (or increase your clothing size), train for an event or off season and pre-season training for your specific sport, Fitness Canterbury is the place for you.



Welcome to
Fitness Canterbury

Our belief is that a healthy lifestyle is within the grasp of everyone – including you! If you want to make it happen we are here to guide you forward. Our culture and dedication is as much about seeing you have fun and feeling comfortable in your environment as it is about achieving results. In the right space, with the right advice, the changes you desire will come, and you may just inspire others along the way.




At the core of what makes Fitness Canterbury New Beginnings great, is our belief that a healthy lifestyle is within the grasp of everyone, including you.

We believe in the power of exercise to rejuvenate your life. We have worked alongside people determined to turn their life around, improve their health, shed weight, gain muscle, improve definition, increase their overall fitness, and we have seen the smiles as their success in the gym has kick started success in their work and personal lives.


Personal Training

Our Personal Training team go to great pains to ensure quality advice and assistance is available to everyone. Many members first encounter a personal trainer when they join on our popular Silver or Gold Membership plans, and go on to form a strong bond.

Pilates & Physio

Whether you are just getting started with exercise, are an elite athlete, 15 years old or 65 years old, your body can enjoy the many benefits of Pilates. Our clinicians are trained in clinical Pilates, and combining that with our physiotherapy skills we can adapt and facilitate movements so you get the most out of each class.

Fitness Classes

Our fitness classes are high in energy, a great way to stay inspired, with members feeding off each other and pushing themselves well beyond what they believed they were capable of. We offer a range of gym classes to suit all fitness levels.



Kent Gibson

Kent has truly transformed my life, not just with training and body composition, but in every aspect - teaching me that nothing is impossible, self-belief is everything, and health is not to be compromised.

Shane Elsey

Not just a great personal trainer who helps me reach my goals but also a coach getting me to overcome obstacles I face in life. His motivational words and knowledge are what I need to achieve!

Chris Weddell

Chris has delivered everything I would hope in a trainer, he assessed me well at the beginning and has been very motivating, I have found him knowledgeable in his field. He knows exactly what to do and say to push me while still making the sessions fun. I actually enjoy going, and have seen the benefits.

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Start Your Week the Right Way

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Mindset Monday Video 1

Mindset Monday Video 1

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Muscle recovery

Muscle recovery

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“Solid layout and great equipment that makes the place feel a lot better to others in Chch. Plenty of trainers or nutritionists you can book an appointment with and they’ll happily take on feedback if it’d help make the gym even better. Now that it’s a 24/7 gym there’s no reason not to make FC your regular.”

Will Thomson

“Awesome place! Fantastic staff and plenty of variety in regard to the equipment. 24-hour access. Super friendly staff who are very knowledgeable and helpful in any way they can. Clean and tidy.”


How long has Fitness Canterbury been around?

Do you know some of our longest serving members have been with us for over 30 years. Fitness Canterbury’s long history dates back to around 1990 when it was known as ‘Better Bodies’. It was in another building just over the road from where we are now. Its current owners were members from 1992 onwards. It has been in this current building since 1997. It was renamed ‘Fitness Canterbury’ from ‘Acropolis’ in 2005. It’s current owners Kent Gibson and Scott Mazey have been the longest owners in its history when they purchased it in June 2009.

What are your busiest times?

During the weekdays our busiest times are between 6am – 8am and from 5pm until 7pm. That being said we are a big gym with plenty of equipment so would be very rear to have to wait for anything during our busy times.

What Classes do you offer?

While we don’t offer a large timetable of classes after much trial and error and feedback from members about what they would like we do run two incredibly effective classes. Boxing and Spin Classes. For more details and the timetable please see our ‘Classes’ section of the website.

Do you sell supplements?

Yes. We have a great range of supplements available from some of the very best brands like:

  • Balance
  • Switch
  • Musashi
  • Metaphysics
  • Optimum Nutrition


Do you have parking?

We have plenty of off street parking available for all members. Please ensure that you park in any carpark that is marked ‘Fit-C’

Do you have showers?

Yes. Both Mens and Womens toilets and changing facilities have 3 showers in each.

How can I Join?

If you are wanting to join up now, you can signup online on our membership page, otherwise you are welcome to come in to see one of our friendly reception staff who can do it on the spot.

Do you have a joining fee?

If you join on any of our 12 month memberships there is no joining fee. If you join on one of our M2M membership where you can cancel at anytime there are joining fees ranging from $50 to $90.

Can I use other gyms around NZ on a Fitness Canterbury Membership?

This depends on what membership you have. Our main memberships are direct debit through Debit Success. They are affiliated with many gyms around New Zealand. If you are going away on business or vacation we can organise a FIT PASS that you can take to any gym in NZ, affiliated with Debit Success that is outside of Christchurch. This will allow you to use there facility. There is a link to all affiliated gyms on our ‘Membership Page’ 

Is there an age limit for 24 hour access?

Yes. You must be 18 years and over to have 24 hour access.

Is there an age limit for using the gym?

Yes. Your must be 15 years and over to join and use the gym unsupervised* during staffed hours. From 15 years to 18 years we require a parent or guardian to be present during the initial sign up and to also sign a Parental/Guardian Guarantee Form.  

We do allow members under 15 under special circumstances, but they must be accompanied by one of our Personal Trainers each time. Personal trainer fees will apply.


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